The front cover image for "The Beatles Anthology - Volume One" is a painting by long-time Beatles associate Klaus Voorman. The painting, representing a torn set of posters from 1958-1964, the era covered by the albums, will be the image on all formats of the record - CD, cassette and vinyl.

The album package includes a wide selection of archive photos and a 48 page booklet written by Mark Lewisohn, with an introduction by legendary Beatles' press officer Derek Taylor.

Klaus Voorman met The Beatles when they were five in number - John, Paul, George, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best. He was one of a group of arty students, amazed to find such a bright bunch of scruffy Liverpool rockers with so much attitude in the red-light district of Hamburg. They instantly got along. The Beatles freely admit that they got their "look" from Klaus, his friend Astrid Kircherr, and another friend Jurgen Vollmer; hair combed forward, black leather, black polo sweaters - generally cool. Paul today calls them "the exis" - short for "existentialists". This was no ordinary "beat gruppen".

Klaus became a bass-player; he worked with John Lennon in the Plastic Ono Band, with Manfred Mann and with another group, Paddy Klaus and Gibson. He has played bass on many albums, including ones made by George Harrison and Harry Nilsson.

He also designed the "Revolver" album cover.

This first album cover for The Anthology is one of three with the poster theme, painted to show the chronology.

Text and image courtesy Capitol records
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